The complete solution for seamless Facebook integration and mirrored social sharing on WordPress.

Ultimate Facebook packs full Facebook integration for website into one simple plugin.

Login with Facebook, autopost, comment mirroring, one-click registration, like and share buttons, open graph, use Facebook avatars, share albums, display recent Facebook activity feed and a heap of widgets.

It would take over a dozen mix-n-match plugins to get this kind of Facebook integration anywhere else.

Autopost and Comment Mirroring

Autopost to your wall or page for better social marketing without spending any extra time on Facebook.

Merge comments made on Facebook with your comment thread and share a feed of Facebook comments.

One-click Signup and Login

Let users register, use their Facebook avatar and logon to your site with a click. Add a Login with Facebook button to the login page.

Get better contact information, build your user base and eliminate lost password support tickets.

Widgets and Shortcodes

9 built-in widgets and an entire shortcode catalog lets Ultimate Facebook seamlessly integrate Facebook with any WordPress theme.

Share albums, ‘Like’ buttons, activity feeds, events and registration information anywhere.

Ultimate Facebook Features

Complete Facebook integration for WordPress.

  • Use Facebook avatars
  • Autofill user info with Facebook profile
  • Autopost to wall, page, event or notes
  • Previous post import
  • Show comments made on Facebook
  • Like/Share buttons
  • Facebook OpenGraph Integration
  • Facebook Connect
  • Share Facebook albums
  • Facepile widget
  • Like box widget
  • Facebook recommendations widget
  • Activity feed
  • Recent comments feed
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Multisite ready


Ultimate Facebook

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