Grab your visitors’ attention, build your mailing list and share targeted ad messages with the most customizable, smart, responsive pop-up and pop-over WordPress plugin.

Attract new customers with special promotions and convert one-off visitors into loyal followers and customers with PopUp Pro.

With its customizeable templates, intuitive design approach and smart exit intent technology, PopUp Pro provides an effective way for you to advertise in the right place, at the right time.

Create Beautiful Pop-ups in Minutes

Build trust and credibility in your brand with a thoughtfully designed pop-up that is a natural extension of your website. PopUp Pro comes with an exhaustive list of design options, allowing you to customize every last detail of how your pop-up looks and acts.

Stunning Templates

Get started with one of three pre-made templates, each of which can be fully customized to look exactly how you want.

Each template features its own header styles and layouts for quick text and image placement so you can display pop-ups on your site in minutes.

Fully Customizeable

Tweak exactly how your pop-up looks. Add custom colors, select custom dimensions and even add rounded corners.

If you want users to focus on your pop-up without distraction, turn off scrolling while your pop-up is visible.


Choose from one of 37 pop-up display and closing animations, including bounce, zoom, fade flip, wobble and slipping, just to name a few and inject some personality into your pop-ups

Or, if you prefer, simply turn off animations altogether.

Preview Edits

As you make edits to your pop-ups, PopUp Pro lets you quickly preview them live without the need to hit “Save.”

And if you like what you see, you can duplicate your pop-up to save time creating a new campaign.


Unlimited Colors

Take control of how your pop-ups look so you can precisely match their appearance with your branding.

The custom color picker lets you choose from a palette, or if you know exactly what you want you can enter a hexadecimal code.


Responsive and Retina Ready

Create responsive pop-ups that not only look fantastic but are readable and accessible on any device.

While retina images look great on large screens, you can choose to hide them on mobile devices so users only see the best version of your campaign tailored to their device.


Timing is Everything

When you display a pop-up can be just as important as the content itself. That’s why we have included advanced options for triggering pop-ups with precision based on time, location on the page, and even on CSS selectors and clicks.

Smart Exit-Intent Technology

PopUp Pro’s exit intent technology detects user behavior and prompts them with a carefully timed pop-up when they are about to leave your site.

Research shows 10%-15% of visitors who are about to abandon your site can be “saved” with a well-crafted message.

Unlike regular pop-ups, ones using exit intent don’t interrupt users while they are browsing your site, providing a more customer-friendly approach way to communicate your message.

Hide Pop-Ups

If your visitors don’t want to see your pop-ups, you can let them choose whether to hide them in future.

Then you can decide how many days before the user will see the pop-up again.

Highly Targeted Display Settings

Choose from hundreds of display condition combinations for exact control over who sees your pop-ups. With PopUp Pro, you can create unlimited pop-ups and tailor them to suit specific visitors.


PopUp Pro Feature Set

Feature rich for precision display.

  • Simple styling
  • Optional header
  • Optional subheader
  • Embed images
  • Video embed
  • Embed forms
  • Email subscribe
  • Squared off or Rounded
  • Custom colors
  • Set reveal animation
  • Set close animation
  • Responsive
  • Set a custom size
  • Preview on demand
  • Never see this message again
  • Set expression
  • Click on background closes PopUp
  • Drag-n-drop PopUp ordering
  • One-click activate status
  • Preview PopUps
  • Control color style
  • Custom button label
  • Point URL
  • CTA Target
  • 3 themes or custom styling
  • Style using custom css
  • Build your own templates
  • Upfront integration
  • Load from Footer
  • Load using WordPress AJAX
  • Load using Custom AJAX
  • Load using Anonymous Script
  • Country Lookup
  • Use Host IP
  • Use Telize
  • Free Geo IP
  • PopUp Pro fully supports shortcodes
  • Toggle Display Conditions
  • User arrive from referrer
  • User arrives from specific link
  • On specific URL
  • User arrives from specific search engine
  • Basic URL matching
  • Taxonomy based triggers
  • Behavior based PopUp triggers
  • User role
  • Trigger by category
  • Post type rules
  • Restrict to mobile devices
  • Block from mobile devices
  • Trigger by screen size
  • Delay trigger
  • Page scroll trigger
  • Trigger with CSS selector
  • Membership level
  • Pro Sites
  • Protected content
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