Easily create a popular and profitable membership site with this powerful and scalable membership

Design and build any membership system you can dream up with Membership 2 Pro.

Set up everything from a basic membership site for exclusive access to your chocolate brownie recipes or even try your hand at creating the next Facebook with one of a kind Multisite integration.

Simpler, Intuitive and Even More Powerful

Membership 2 Pro is the successor to our hugely popular Membership plugin, completely re-written from the ground up with even more features – including the ability to manage content across an entire network from one place.

Membership 2 Pro is the most user-friendly membership plugin for WordPress and Multisite.

Smart Setup Wizard

With Membership 2 Pro there’s no guesswork and no messing around with confusing settings. Our setup wizard will guide you through configuring your membership site for the best results.

Use simulation mode to quickly verify everything is working properly on your site before you go

Four Membership Types

Choose from four flexible membership types, which you can then further customize to suit your site’s goals.

Standard Membership

Make your content available to members and hidden to logged-out users.

Dripped Content Membership

Release your membership content in timed intervals.

Guest Membership

Starts with content available to all users. Great for limiting access to only a few items.

Default Membership

Content is available to all logged-in users who have not yet joined your site as a member.


A Money Making Machine

Members Only Content

Limit access to just about everything: pages, posts, categories, videos, audio, images, PDFs, digital downloads, forums and even specific words and links – You control who sees what on your site.

Create as many memberships as you want with specific rules for what content your members can access.

Four Reliable Payment Options

Protect your content behind a membership login and offer automated processing so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Choose from four payment options in 25 currencies. Get paid with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, or good old fashioned manual payments.

Easy Member Management

The overview screen displays recent news, stats, new members who have joined your site, along with a list of the content available to your logged in members.

Quickly find your members from the dashboard and view their membership type and when it expires, and any pending payments.

Even More Functionality With Add-ons

Membership sites can get pretty complicated, and not everyone needs the same things. Membership2 Pro offers features as add-ons so you can add only the functionality your site needs, making it easier to manage.

  • URL Protection
  • Multiple Memberships
  • Admin Side Protection
  • Advanced menu protection
  • bbPress Integration
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Pro-Rating
  • Custom Membership Attributes
  • Category Protection Coupon
  • Individual Custom Posts
  • Individual Posts
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Media Protection
  • Member Capabilities
  • SEO Protected Content
  • Protect Special Pages
  • Redirect Control
  • Shortcode Protection
  • Taxamo (EU VAT laws)
  • Trial Period
  • Additional Automated Messages
  • WPML integration
  • Customize Registration Form


Automatically Create New Pages

Membership 2 Pro automatically creates new pages for you and lets you choose which pages to include in your navigation.

Each page displays with a small notification that it is linked to Membership 2 Pro, so you can quickly spot them in your page list.

Control Site-Wide Content Protection

Easily toggle whether you want content protection turned on or off, either from the easy-to-spot notification in the admin bar or directly in the Membership 2 Pro settings.

Protection Messages

Encourage visitors to your site to sign up for exclusive access to members-only content.

Display a carefully crafted message to logged out users, along with details or how they can join your site.

Automated Email Messages

Email new members automatically when they sign up to your site. Thank them for taking the time to join as a free member and even offer them a coupon for discounted membership.

Import and Export

If you use our existing Membership plugin, you can easily import your subscriptions and member data and start setting up your protected content in Membership 2 Pro straight away.

If you’re a Protected Content user, you can simply upgrade to Membership 2 and all of your data will remain intact.

Advanced Settings

Membership 2 Pro offers advanced settings for power users and developers.

An extensive library of shortcodes allows you to do everything from simply displaying a membership type to protecting specific content from users on certain membership levels.

More advanced settings allow you to reset the plugin’s settings to the factory default, lock subscriptions so they never expire, and restore a previous snapshot of your membership database.

Developer API

Membership 2 Pro comes with an API module that makes it simple to integrate it with other plugins and find new ways to extend your membership site.


Membership Pro 2 Features

Structure the perfect membership system.

  • Standard Membership
  • Dripped Content
  • Guest Membership
  • Default Membership
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Automate page setup
  • Manual page creation override
  • Easy configuration wizard
  • Toggle pages in navigation
  • Shortcode library
  • Editable automated email system
  • Delay message follow-up
  • Membership importer
  • Create a Custom Configuration
  • Create as many configurations as you like
  • Give each setup a name
  • Users can have Multiple Membership
  • Make your system public
  • Build a private membership system
  • Multisite protection managed from the network admin
  • Global settings
  • Free membership system
  • Paid membership
  • Authorize.net
  • 2Checkout
  • Accept manual payments
  • PayPal Single
  • PayPal Standard
  • Stripe Single
  • Stripe Subscriptions
  • 25 default currency options
  • Taxamo for EU VAT regulations
  • Built-in invoice system
  • Coupon system
  • Offer a free trial
  • Place content behind a paywall
  • Protect pages
  • Protect posts
  • Content protect comments
  • Protect content below “read more” tag
  • Protect by custom post type
  • Protect by category
  • Protect specific menus
  • Protect specific menu items
  • Shortcodes to protect specific content
  • Protect specific URLs
  • Protect archive pages
  • Protect any WordPress special page
  • Protect content by user role
  • Protect dashboard access
  • Built-in BuddyPress integration
  • Built-in bbPress integration
  • Bulk actions for members admin page


Membership Pro 2

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